We have created an easy start up point for our online customers. Follow the link through these three easy steps, and you will be well on your way to hiring the qualified staff your company deserves:
This comprehensive list allows investigators at Career Check to know exactly what a specific client needs. Since we do not restrict our clients in any way, they are able to compile a background check which best suits their company's interests. This checklist can be filled out online, and downloaded along with the job application. (see number 2)
This standard application is provided for your convenience. Simply have the prospective job candidate fill it out online, then e-mail it directly to us. Or, substitute your company's own application, which can be sent to us by fax.
This is a necessary part of every background investigation, and must be printed and signed by the appropriate party, and returned to Career Check by fax (800)865-6306. This authorization form complies with all FRCA regulations, and allows Career Check authorized access to documents that are protected under general privacy laws. Please Note: All information obtained by Career Check is held in strictest confidence, and is used for employment purposes only.